Money = Candy's

One day I was shopping in a supermarket staples. That there is not enough money to buy a lot, so I buy things that I consider important. When the items I want to buy, is already in the basket all-then I get ready to pay.

A few minutes of waiting, I was finally right in front of the cashier to pay. My current total expenditure was 46 thousand rupiahs. I spend money 50 thousand rupiahs from my wallet. Thanks god, There are four thousand rupiahs the change, thought I was happy.
But, what happens? Suddenly his change of 4 thousand rupiahs was changed to 8 units of candy! I was shocked, and I said, "I do not buy candy?! 'I protest.
Checkout clerk smiled at me, "Sorry ... we do not have the money return, so instead we replace it with candy ..."
"But ..." I want to protest said, "Sorry, sir ... many queuing behind you, so I hope the hosts can move forward," She seeks friendly.
"Shit ..." I vituperation annoyance four thousand rupiahs of my money turned into a piece of candy shaped lollipop.
One month later ...
"A total of 123 Thousand rupiahs your grocery," said the friendly cashier.
I just pull money out of my purse, amounting to 120 thousand dollar rupiahs and issuing six pieces of candy to the checkout clerk.
"Sorry, sir ... your money less three thousand rupiahs ..." said the clerk showed me the money given.
I smiled, "Do you not see candy I gave six! That money instead of three thousand rupiahs you ask, "I said.
"Sorry, sir ... we do not serve a payment through the candy," She said fine.
"Ooo ... but a few months ago, I can return the candy from the supermarket," said my emotions.
Apparently the clerk was not to be outdone, "Ooo, if so, you can not take the groceries if you have not paid the money that I'm just now," he said threaten.
Looks voice behind me whisper, "Poor master it, do not have the money to pay for groceries," a clearly audible voice in my ear.
"Is he a beggar?, Or perhaps he was a thief who was caught," said another added.
What? I'm mistaken for a beggar? Thieves?
Oh, no! This should not happen! Fearing mistaken for a beggar and a thief, I hurriedly spend money three thousand of my wallet.
I come out of  the supermarket, I was crying inside. Why do people think that way. Though my intention just want to embarrass my services to the supermarket, why is it me who humiliated ... Fate ... Fate ...

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