God, Help Me...

Last night was a sad day for me. The story, the same way I would my friends who went to college at one of the colleges (Last year did not pass). Iwan friend comes one village with me.

Arriving at our Mall directly to the clothing store. My friend chose the clothes look, "Miss, this is the price of this shirt rp. 100 000? "Ask my friend while showing visible shirt reads Rp. 100.000, -
"Yes." Answer waiter mall, while flashing a sweet smile.
"How, if the price is 75 thousand only? Later, I take two! "He said aloud.
What? 75 thousand? Syock I said ... you think the market is what ?! I cried to myself.
"Sorry, sir ... the prices here have fixed prices, so it is not negotiable ..."
Suddenly my friend replied quickly, "what the store is, the non-negotiable!"
After giving a lengthy explanation, my friend finally get it either. Then I broke away from my friends because want to find a pair of pants. Before going, I give advice to my friends to try on clothes in the dressing room if you want to buy goods in order not to regret later.
Having found the item I was looking for, I immediately look for my friend. From a distance, I saw a glimpse of my friend to the dressing room. After a long standing in the dressing room next to my friend finally came out.
"How, suitable? "Ask me curious.
"No, wan. Too small! "
"Yes, I have returned it." Said I relaxed.
Hold his mouth in the direction of my ears, "Please Help, I fold?"
Due hear whispered words, I became curious about what he was trying in the locker room. Immediately I saw a wisp of fabric that she held.
Suddenly ...
Treng, ... Trenggg.
Yes, God is real ... I want to faint.
Did my friends, what he tried in the locker room?
For those of you who have a history of heart disease, do not read the rest of this story, because it will cause heart attacks and premature ejaculation, But for you fans of Superman story, please continue ...

The answer is ... PANTIES,or UNDERWEAR ... Haha.

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