Strange Activity For a Guy

Many activities can be done by men than women, but there are some activities that are rarely performed even if done men will look 'WEIRD'. Whether it originated from? Who are the originators to the extent that it looks strange activity that men do.

Here it is:
1.Write diary
Somehow this activity is identical with a girl. Again fell in love with writing in a diary, write in a diary again dizzy, again in putusin girlfriend was writing in a diary, to the extent that would defecate write in a diary ... HOT!
2 Use an umbrella
Often see if another girl summer or rainy season wear umbrella. How do you see the guy that the rainy season / summer wear umbrella? Must have thought he was a strange guy! Moreover, look at the guy wearing the color PINK umbrella, must  call MAMA CHILD or at best in thought HOMO (Read = GAY). 
Whereas use umbrellas are RIGHT ALL THE NATIONS, sovereign, FAIR AND PROSPEROUS! FREE!
3 Kiss the left and right cheek.
If every girl met their kind (girl) on average they perform a ritual kiss right cheek left. My question is, have you ever seen a guy do this ritual?
If there is any thought for sure we're not far away from the man who likes SWORD!

And I also want to feel the cheeks of the man, haha ...

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