Throw Shame

There was one incident that is hard for me to forget when my elementary school. One day our teacher noted our presence, when the name is called Rudi, Rudi immediately raised his hand.

"Here, Mom," he shouted.
"Rudi, why do not you go to school yesterday?" Ask the teacher to interrogate.
Rudi replied quickly, "Rain, Mom ..." he reasoned.
Teachers draw strong breath, "If it continues to rain a month, you know what that means?"
Without in thought, Rudi replied firmly, "Flood, Mom!"
What? flood? I said to myself.
Teacher looks in shock over Rudi answer, by holding his emotions directly homeroom Rudi clarify answers, "That is ... If the rain continues for a month, does that mean you do not go to school?"
Either because what the devil, Rudi immediately responded with a loud, "Certainly, ma'am ..."

GUBRAKKK .... * One class direct mass trance.

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