One day, me and my nephew, five year old went to the dentist. I departure to the dentist, because my nephew dental cavities and he often complained of pain in the area of teeth! My sister is busy working entrust their children to alert you to the dentist.

At first I refused, but because they were given a hundred million rupiahs, I finally melted too! Hehe ... no, I just got a hundred thousand rupiahs. Pity? It? Want given? Perhaps,haha ...
My nephew 's, had not previously been to the dentist. So when I was invited to it, he was jumping for joy. Hmm, do not know him, that would be in torment! Haha ... But by not sinful, I said we would walk to the vehicle to play, namely; rides REMOVE DENTAL play , haha ...
Arriving at my office, my nephew immediately play colorful balls. Fortunately, in practice where there is a vehicle to play, so I do not lie* DefendMyself .
A few minutes later, my nephew name was called. At this time, I 've actually felt something was wrong. Because my niece, did not want to stop playing ball colorful. But when I told the doctor in the room there is a toy that can be spun, he immediately ran into the doctor's office .
"Where, Uncle ... toys ?" He said .
"That," I said pointing devices that would revoke his teeth doctor, I talked to myself," It's a tool that will revoke your teeth, BAD BOY ! Taste as you have to pinch me yesterday! haha ..."
Dentist smiled and invited me to sit nephew. Innocently, my nephew was sitting! Then when told to open his mouth, he immediately opened his mouth. Dentist run the equipment that I had been nominated, see the instrument move, my niece clapped his hands repeatedly, "Hoyeee ..." he said .
Haha , knew he would not be sent to the Lions Cage , I think .
But it turns out I was wrong thinking, when the instrument was entered, not the slightest cry from his mouth. He even seemed to delight when the tool was entered,but my amazement only briefly, when his teeth pulled, he looked surprised and holding his cheek. I laughed to myself, surely soon he was going to cry ! But my guess was wrong again, he can still smile at me, Oh, God ... who is this kid ? Do not tell me he's a child of the marriage of Edward Cullen and Harry Potter ( ??? ) .
When tooth extraction is finished, I asked, "Why , do not cry?" Said I want to know the contents of his heart. I hope he answers, I cried today ... but that happens he just smiled at me. Seeing that my heart broken, he wants me cry ... T_T
But, my unrequited suffering, when I asked, "What hurts?"
He nodded, "Yes, it hurts!"
"Why did not cry?", I said in astonishment.
And he replied , "I was crying uncle, but crying to myself, "


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