Delicious Food Disaster

This History is continued Hunger Fruitful Shame
People say that the prayer will be answered Apparently tormented the other bowl for me. I put the face of wonder.

"Eat it, then if not exhausted love you."
"But, Iwan still full?" I do not want to talk as in the feed.
"Already, eat it." Forced father shirt while moving the other, leaving me alone staring chicken soup with tenderness. Come, eat me! Eat me! The word soup chicken jump-leap entered my nostrils.

Despite being hungry, I have not the slightest touching the chicken soup. I must be strong, I thought. Come on, eat it. Why should be ashamed. You also do not see the father. I turned to face the other direction, trying to avoid the gaze of a naughty chicken soup in front of me. Chicken soup is not to be outdone, the soft caress, the smoke enters my nostrils deeper. In my olfactory nerves send signals to the hungry stomach to produce stomach acid that much. Apparently from the stomach pass it to the brain through axons and dendrites, and confirms that the supply of food for the body's energy is low. You have to eat, my brain said loudly.
Suddenly my eyes staring at the bowl of chicken soup it again. I swallowed hard. So good it looks this soup, I said to myself. Come Eat. spend! Shouted my brain again. Finally I turned to Dad. Mr seem serious eating soup in front of him. Just one scoop? Said I made an agreement with the brain. Ok, the brain and immediately I signed the agreement I made.
My hands grabbed the spoon and fork in front of me. Fork interesting piece of chicken and egg slices slowly and pointed spoon containing pieces of rice. my mouth can not wait to feel the pleasure of chicken soup. My eyes closed, trying to live up to the entry of food into neurogic my tongue. Once soup sticking tongue, immediately spread the sauce soup exceptional taste, quality spices, salt, sugar, onion really feels good. Dental chew shred chicken, sliced ​​egg and rice are the craze. The food was immediately united in my mouth. It harmonization exceptional taste. My brain shouted: Crazy, delicious.
I was panting breath, my sweat soaked body. this soup, so good I thought. Finally an agreement that I have made, I am torn and I immediately discard carelessly. My hands quickly directing the soup into my mouth again. Soup was also jumping for joy. Surely they are happy, because soon go to heaven. Oath! This delicious soup. It feels like a kick in my mouth. Until my mouth alone, all swollen because of the kick. Spoon finished second, I proceed to the next eaten. And so on. To the extent that delicious spoon and fork because I swallow too, haha ...
I was shocked, soup is up no remains. I usually like these greedy. I thought for a moment, let 
Dad know how. I turned to father moment that a glass of water. Finally, soy sauce, soy sauce, chili, orange slices, I pour into my bowl. It looks like a bowl still contained, but a bit awkward. I pull the whole-length tissue. I put tissue in a circle in the bowl. I breathed a sigh of relief. Contains a serving bowl as my soup.Actualy clever too, I praise myself.
Suddenly a warm pat touched my shoulder, What, good? "Said father abruptly.

I was shocked. Where do you know, if I eat the chicken soup? With a laugh, he headed father chicken soup seller to pay for the two bowls of chicken soup that we have the tragic slaughter!

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