How To Save a Good

During this time, I think saving money matters is a troublesome case. Take the time to go to the bank, the heat, and had to wait in line. Not surprisingly, money that should have been my tube, disappear no trace! Due, I was lazy to go to the bank.

However, the experience of retning home yesterday, leaving little story. It turns out that saving hard I had expected so far. Curious? Here's the story:
As usual, I returned home use bus services. In addition because the price is cheaper, by taking the bus-we also can enjoy the incredible natural scenery beautiful. In the bus, the conductor shouted voice receivable fare to the passengers. Make it exciting spectacle for me. various expressions indicated the passengers, there were gladly pay the required fees, but not rarely get angry when fees are billed.

But, apparently that's not the interesting spectacle on the bus, but there is something that I could not take my eyes than himself. The conductor who was doing the show receivable charge, is now busy counting the money he earned. Rupiah for rupiah.
Suddenly my eyes, when I saw the conductor inserting coins one by one into the iron pipe in him beside.Pipa iron itself attached to the rear of a passenger bus that is usually used to hold when riding the bus.
Out of curiosity, I move from my seat, "Saving, sir?" I asked friendly.
Conductor such as the presence of shocked me, but for a moment then he nodded his head, "He is, quite make wear for Eid," he replied smiling.
"Oh, when the new widths in the open?" I asked again.
"Yes," He smiled again.
"Collected how usually, sir?" I asked curious.
Condaktor smile, "Not much, sir, but tolerable for the purposes of Eid, around Rp. 700,000 to Rp. 900,000, "he said modestly.

Huh? Seven hundred thousand? Collect a dime of it! I cried to myself. In my heart was touched. How conductor that has taught me, it's a case of saving faith, not a place, as I think all this time.

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