Full Profile Miss International Kevin Liliana From Indonesia: Age, Education, Relegion, Height, Parent, Instagram Account And Recent Photos

profile Kevin Liliana miss international 2017 - From the beginning the name of kevin Liliana from Indonesia is seeded to win the beauty event: miss International 2017. then, who is Kevin Liliana the winner of Miss International 2017? How old is she? What is his religion? What is his education? following complete profile Kevin Liliana Winner of Miss International 2017
Then, who is this Kevin Liliana? Here is the complete profile / biodata about Kevin Liliana miss international 2017:
Full Name: Kevin Liliana
Nickname: Kevin
Place / Date of Birth: Bandung, January 5, 1996
Height: 174 cm
Brother: the eldest of two siblings
Education: S1 Interior Design Univercity, Kristen Maranatha.
Achievements: Runner Up 1 Mojang Bandung 2015, cover girl friendship 2012.
Instagram Account: @Kevinlln

Here are picture/photos Kevin Liliana Miss International 2017:

in Indonesia, the name of kevin is the male name. maybe many are asking why his name is kevin? because his parents want to have a son, it turns out that the birth is precisely a beautiful daughter.

It turned out that years later there was a boy who became Kevin's sister. If Kevin Liliana uses a male name, then her sister uses the woman's name, namely: Audi.

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