Secret Black Cat

Sunday morning, I and My Father plans to repair the house. As usual, I was in charge of preparing carpentry tools. When about to approach the carpentry tools, a sudden black cat angry roar.
"Miawww ..." he groaned.

Obviously, I was startled by it. Not to be outdone, I also took the black cat moan-emotional hope it will go away leaving Mr carpentry tools.
But what happens, the black cat but instead went even more into. Moaning more frightening than the first. If reworded human language, he talked about like this, "Do not come near. If you dare to close, the life you're going to float! "
I was silent for a moment. Finally I got an idea! I took a broom behind the door, when they wanted it to flail broom black cat, suddenly the cat rapidly furious roar and jumped towards me. And behold I ran for fear of him.
Very creepy! How can I as a human being afraid of cats! Embarrassing! Taunted my heart's content.
"Where Hammer?" Ask Father.
"Not to be taken, sir ... hehe ..." I laugh.
"Why have not you taken? Take it already! " Snapped My Father.
Oh, My god. Death to Me!
With courage there, I again approached Mr carpentry tools. Apparently, the cat was still there!, "What are you doing here? Want to find the dead? "So to speak his heart.
When I was about to reach hamer, long back he roared and pounced on my hand with sharp nails. Just a little late, we can be sure I will be hurt by it.
Due to fear of failure, I finally got another way. I took water, and with a vengeance, I threw water at him. It looked panicked and in a flash he rushed bit something. It turns out that in bit her it was her own child.
Wake up, apparently he'd been angry not because he wants to fight with me, but because they want to protect their children. And when I threw water at him no other choice other than to save her son from the water that will make her cold.
No wonder he dared with me ... haha ​​...

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