Cut Ties Love

Laura stared envy, his friend - Mary, who was dating Mark, Male body upright, handsome and has a steady job. A second later, Mary waved her hand through the window of the car.
"Lucky ... " said Laura .

Is she fell in love with Mark ? No ... He did not like him. He already has a boyfriend too. So what makes Laura jealous of Mary ? The answer is, because Mary has a rich lover. Compare with himself, which is just a walk if you want a date!
Pathetic!, She told himself.
Quickly, She sent a short message to her boyfriend, Antoni.
"Yes, what ?" Said Antoni regulate his breathing .
Laura stared at her boyriend 's face with a sharp, "Antoni, Our love affair ended up here!" She replied curtly.
Antoni is still hard to breathe, Speak girlfriend surprised to hear that, "What? Our love affair ended up here?!"
" Yes ... " she answered shortly .
Antoni inhaling slowly, "Hmm, well if that is your wish. In fact, I 've bought a car for you," said Antoni.
Hearing that, she jumped happily, "Cars? You buy a car," She asked, " Haha ... unfortunately, I was just kidding . I'm not likely to cut ties our love , " She continued again.
Antoni smiled, "Oh, Just kidding,” he asked .
"Yeah , I'm just kidding, dear ... " said Laura assured .
" Hehe ... about cars , I joke too , dear ... " said Antoni raised eyebrows .
Instantly the world revolves Laura 's head , she did not know what to say . Instantly she fainted .

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