Embarrassing Incident

How do you react, if the goods are not returned borrowed an old friend?
Certainly replied annoyed, irritated and even angry! That's what I felt a few weeks ago. Activity incredible busy practice, suddenly without the permission of my friend named Burhan (name disguised) takes practice guidebook theta.

Because the practice guidebook upset I did not go back, I took the initiative to make my friend's SMS (Short Message Servise).
Burhan, Quick return my books!
Fill my SMS without further ado, not long after my Mobile rang, signaling incoming SMS, with several times the push came from the SMS texs Burhan.
Sorry, this anyone?
Read the contents of SMS yes, my head is boiling ... Do not know themselves! pretended not to know me again!
I replied quickly, without waiting for a long SMS it back in
Iwan who? borrow a book? When?
ARRrgghhh .. read a reply from him, I feel like making your own spaghetti!
Because emotion has been peaked, I quickly press Mobile to immediately call him.
"Hellooo ... Burhan! You, no funny stuff! If the item was borrowed responsibility!  NOT BASIC SELF! "
"I'm sorry, who are you?"
"Uh, you ... Iam Iwan! Your campus friends! Do not tell me you're REMOVING MY BOOK! "Said my emotions.
"It looks like you are wrong number ..."
"Meaning?" The word I do not understand.
"First..iam not lecture, Second ..I never borrow books, third ... I do not know the name Iwan ..."
Heard the last word, I immediately check my mobile telphone number. It turns out the number was called BURHANUDDIN, which is MY LECTURERS ENGLISH!
I hurriedly turn off the phone, my heart pounding, what if Mr. Burhan know, if I were to call? What if Mr. Burhan revenge with Me? And what if Mr. Burhan ask accountability of I (Read = Married). Oh, No!

Oh, Lord ... Please help me ....


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