Hunger Fruitful Shame

I remember on Sunday morning, I plan to buy new shoes in the traditional markets with My Father. Mouth gaping crocodile in my shoes, maybe not on hold again to go to school. Along the way I just silent. Honestly my relationship and father as the person who is not familiar with each other. Maybe in because Father busy with work, so we rarely involved conversation.  Father properties plus the quiet, lazy adds flavor to speak with the father.

As I understand the market and the house sizable distance away, but the journey we traveled only by foot. So that along the way, I just spoke with my own self. My Father lyrics also looks like he is not interested in talking to. In my heart talking to himself, Try asking the father, my son, tired? Or at least, to talk like this, we climbed Taxi, kid? Pity you were little, Let not tired. I wish so, But it's still on foot, haha ...
In the market, my legs cramp all. But when looking at the merchant promote his merchandise, a sense of cramps in my legs is gone, replaced with hunger. Because in front of my beautiful candy plastered sexi!
"Come on ..." said father pulled my hand, leading shoes merchant.
With saliva that was dripping, father busy looking shoes in the show traders to him, regardless of my saliva is already soaking up the limit of my waist. Slowly father showed his choice of shoes in my direction, father looked surprised because I had high saliva my mouth!
I grabbed my father's shoes and a choice  try it on my little legs. I remember the first black shoes. To the right shoe was a picture of Superman to fly, while the left of the image of Superman again defecation. Correct? No ... That's right, Superman again lift clothesline! Car lift means, hehe ...

Mood of the market at the time it was very crowded. My body is skinny like a fish, a few times oppressed. I wanted to find a place to hide. Then I open shirt and pants, a direct defecation, haha ... No, I mean open shirt and pants make changes so Superman. People who squeeze my body before, I immediately let inflatable bounce. Luckily I am a person who is arrogant and wasteful, so I undo his evil intentions!
The father drove around the market to buy household needs. Longer around, my body aches all. The sun is very hot, so I feel thirsty. My stomach has also been struggling eager to be filled.
"Iwan, hungry?" Said Father.
In my heart I say, Hungry once, but on the contrary I replied: "No, Iwan was not hungry."
"Right ..."
I nodded slowly.
"Ok. Accompany father eat, huh? "Said Mr eventually.
I nodded for a second time. I muttered to myself, why do I say full. Though I am hungry. I then played tissue that is in the middle of the table. While father looked ordering food at father chicken soup seller.

Mr Orders come. Crazy, my father two servings message. Hungry father. I swallowed hard, aroma soup make me want to drool dripping. Why does this mouth, can not take compromise. Say, if hungry. Why say full? Seems my mouth is, needs to be in to school, I'll be thinking like a brain. In my heart I cried: Father, Your son hungry ... 

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