What Is My Fault?

In junior high School, The homeroom teacher who doubles as an English teacher I was furious! However, the cause of his anger, because I forget what. Then it was interrupted angrily, come my friend.

My friend who does not know the story, made ​​astonishment, "Why, Ione?" He whispered softly.
"Do not know. Perhaps, Mr. Edward again Pre Menstruasi Syndrome "I replied origin.
One hour later ...
"Oh, why anger is not finished?" Asked the my friend -Tomy.
I looked at him sharply, "Just ask the swaying grass" I said irritably.
Three hours later ...
"What ever gave values ​​below 8, on your report card?" Asked my homeroom teacher was angry.
We replied in unison, "Nooo ..."
"What ever you my law?" He asked again.
Back we replied, "Nooo ..."
"What ever I Absent teach? What ever I ambivalent? What ever ran? Unfortunately, if the judge wrong ... (??)

Five hours later ...
"Come on, raise your hand ever report card grades in the English language I love the value of 7?"
We all bowed. But, all of a sudden ...
Tomy Bench my friend raised his hand, "I am, sir ..."
I stared at him, "Seriously, you're given a score of 7 on the report card?" I asked incredulously.
"What? The report card? Not the test results? "He asked pale realized his mistake.
Mr. Edward immediately approached Tomy already like Vampire longer menstruating, "Yes, in your report card, I love the value of 7?" He asked angrily.
"It is not my intention .... so ..."
"HOME! FAST HOME! Report card TAKE YOU! "Snapped Mr. Edward cruel.
Immediately, Tomy immediately ran to the house to pick up his report card.
"Why, are you still sitting here?" He asked me.
I was dumbfounded. Indeed, I have to go? Ask me in the heart.
"How much you value the English language in the report card?" He stressed.
"Nine, sir ..." I replied as is.
"HOME! Report card TAKE YOU! "
The point? I wondered to myself. Why do I have to go home! I value, nine instead of seven?
"Go home to what, Sir?" I asked politely.
 "You should go home like Tomy, because you must have conspired with him to depose me be the guardian class in this class!" He explained.
"What ?!" I replied spontaneously.
Hearing my answer is not polite, sir Edward immediately slammed his hand on my study table, "GO HOME! NOW! "
I feel like that time I told you, Mr. CRUEL! After you my quintessence suction, could you kicked out of your life ... But, I actually said, "Yes, sir ..." With tears, I left the classroom. Leaving Mr. Edward who has been ambiguous. Fate. Bench my friend who made ​​the act, which I get the sap.

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